Repasts in the country 

In the beautiful countryside of Nes and Helgøya, large amounts of grain, vegetables, berries, fruit, milk and different meats are produced each year. If you belong to a group of more than six people, you can book a table at the stately home Hoel Gård, where they serve mainly food produced on that very farm. Next to the bridge over to Helgøya, you find Nessundet Kafé, which offer lunch, dinner, cakes and ice cream. On the other side of the bridge, the popular island café Øya Maritim draw visitors from near and far for their renowned baked potato. Along Åshøgdvegen at Rudshøgda you find Fru G, a cosy café where you can sit down for a lovely afternoon tea.  

Local produce 

Several farms and stately homes have their own farm shops where you can buy different produce from the farm themselves. The beautiful Hovelsrud Gård at Helgøya opens their lovely gardens for visitors during the summer. They also have their own shop, offering their ecologically produced chicken, different juices and jams as well as produce from the garden. Braastad Epler at Nes has a self-serviced shop which is open on Saturdays, where they sell produce from their farm as well as that from other, small-scale and local producers. Or visit the charming Sveinhaug Gård next to Ringsaker church on Sundays in July. Take part in a guided tour through the garden which has been restored to its former glory of the 19th century.  

At Kvarstad Gård, the potato cellar has been converted into a quaint self-serviced shop, where you can help yourself to chocolate produced in the farm’s own chocolate factory. Buy a cup of coffee, homemade ice cream and other treats that can be enjoyed on the terrasse outside or at home.  

Meals in the mountains 

In Sjusjøen and the Ringsaker mountains, delicious meals are served with a side dish of fresh mountain air. Låven Bar is a cosy place to get together after a hike. Choose between generous dishes or lighter snacks and drinks.  Rustad Hotell & fjellstue are renowned for their cuisine and are available for booking for groups of eating guests. 

Further into the mountain, at Ljøsheim, Hygga fjellkro serve tempting mountain food such as moose burger, deer, and spring onion sausage. Rømåssetra is open every day 11-17 during the summer holidays, and Kvarstadsetra welcomes guests during weekends from Friday to Sunday 11-17 between 30. June-30. July. 

Do you dream of picking, fishing or hunting your own food? In Ringsaker you can pick as much cloudberry, blueberry and lingonberry as you like. There are more than 40 mountain lakes, and somewhere around 60 kilometres of rivers and streams where you can fish until the conservation period sets in in September. This is when the hunting season starts, both for small and big game. Hunting licenses can be bought at Ringsaker Jakt- og Fiskeområde. Make sure to read up on the rules that regulate hunting in Norway. People under 18 years of age can fish for free, those above the age limit can buy fishing licenses for the RJFO-area at 


Kafé Julie at Prøysenhuset has become well known for its high-quality homemade cooking. They serve delicious lunches, they have their sumptuous cake buffet every Friday, and on Sundays they serve traditional Sunday dinner. Their Christmas buffet also comes highly recommended! 

Brumunddal and Moelv 

Our two towns both have a lot to offer as far as eating places go. In Moelv, the restaurants and cafés are situated along the main road, Storgata. This is where you find Baker Kristiansen, the bakery which has been run by the same family for more than 100 years! This is a favoured meeting place among the locals, and the bakery is renowned for its lovely mille-feuille. Further up the street lies The crown, which offers a blend of European and classical Asian dishes. The Chinese restaurant Wei Chen House Moelv serves classical Chinese food.  

As for Brumunddal, you can read more about where to eat under the link “Brumunddal” on this page.