Moelv can offer a number of well established, renowned businesses with years of professional experience. The eating places invite you to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee. The traditional bakery, Baker Kristiansen, has been run by the same family for more than a hundred years, and is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. 

Activities for everyone 

The playground in Garveriparken is popular among the younger children, and it also offers skating facilities. An excellent course for frisbee golf has been established right outside the town centre, and at Steinvik camping you can rent a cabin or put up a tent if you want to stay for a while. Rent a pedal boat, a canoe, a SUP-board or a bicycle, and explore the area on and off the water at your own pace. If you find the water of lake Mjøsa to be a bit nippy, the new indoor swimming pool at Moelvhallen is open for visitors. 

Leisure and recreation 

Moelv has an 18-hole golf course with a lovely view of the lake Mjøsa, and the golf club welcomes guests from near and far. In Moelv and its vicinity, there are ample trails and areas well suited for running, bicycling, or walking. Go for a hike along the river Moelva or ascend some of the hills surrounding the town for a magnificent view. For instance, the outlook from Lundehøgda or Amblisberget is a well-loved Instagram-destination. Along the shore of lake Mjøsa you can meander through the forest and discover your own little beach or smooth, slanted rocks perfect for a break or maybe even a dip in the lake. 


The paddle steamer Skibladner has docked at the port in Moelv for more than 150 years. This is the world’s oldest paddle steamer still in timetabled service. 

Fascinating history 

If you are entranced by history, Moelv is an interesting place to visit. In the old stone building by Garveriparken in the center of town, you find the regional war historic communication centre, where you can relive the combat which took place in the hills and fields along the lake Mjøsa in 1940.  The centre is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10-14.  

Right north of the town centre, the remnants of an old stone circle from the Early Iron Age remind us that this area, with its lush fields and forests filled with game, has been home to people for thousands of years.  

South of Moelv you can find petroglyphs dating back to the old stone age. Right off the shore you find the small island of Steinsholmen, where you can still see the ruins of a castle from around 1234. The island is only accessible on foot while the water level in Mjøsa is low, such as during the winter and early spring, after that it can only be reached by boat.  

Further to the south is the majestic stone basilica, Ringsaker church. The church, built around 1150, is one of Norway's largest and most authentic medieval churches. It also boasts a position among the only five remaining basilica-churches in the country. The church is open for visitors during the summer with guides available every day.