The Broparken playground 

Broparken (which translates to “The bridge park”) is situated between the two bridges right next to the river, in the centre of Brumunddal. The playground is highly valued among local parents and their children, offering climbing frames, slides, swings and a sandbox. Broparken is equipped with benches and tables if you want to stay a while, and there is a rest room facility which is open and available during the day. 


There are many lovely bicycle rides in and around Brumunddal that are well suited for children. From the playground in Broparken you can take your bike on the river promenade, either up towards the sports arena of Sveum or the forests beyond, or down towards Mjøsparken. In Mjøsparken you can ride your bike in the skating area, which is great for bikes with or without support wheels. You can also explore the Mjøspromenade along the lake towards the north or the south. For families with children, the ride northwards is especially nice. Continue up to the beach called Sandbakkstranda, which is great for swimming or just for a break. On the other side of the bay, you find Top Camp Mjøsa, a camp site where you can buy ice cream or other refreshments.  

Mjøsparken – great for activities all year round 

Mjøsparken is the natural gathering point for families during the summer, but it is a great place to be the rest of the year as well. Spending time in the park during spring and autumn is nice, and during the winter the park offers an ice-skating rink which can be used free of charge. The rink is open as long as the temperature stays below zero.   


Brumunddal and the surrounding area offers a wide variety in foot paths both in the forest and in more urban areas. The river promenade upstream eventually transforms into a river path, with several forest foot paths. At the end of the river path you find the water works, where you can refill your water bottle and turn back towards town. Other great places for hikes are Bjørgeberget and Høsbjør on the outskirts of Brumunddal. Both summits provide a lovely view of the area and are equipped with benches for a short break. At Bjørgeberget there is also a small leanto to provide shelter from bad weather.  

The library 

The library in Brumunddal has a department especially designed for children with books, sheets and crayons for drawing and a play area. The library often has activities for children such as reading aloud, movies and concerts. In March there is an annual literature festival for children, adolescents, and adults. Follow the library on Facebook for an update on planned activities.